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Avec Plaisir can help you with all your issues regarding allergens.

Request an appointment Start searching for allergen-free locations around you To find a location, you can either type an address in the search bar or use geo-localization. The results will instantly show up on the map and on the result list.

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You will be able to go through all our recommended addresses and find the one that fits you the best. You will also receive personalized search results based on your dietary profile.

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  • Glut’aime : le 1er site de rencontre sans gluten

Access all the information you need to make the right choice! Our symbols indicate if the location site rencontre sans gluten gluten-free, peanut-free, etc.

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Green symbols indicate that the allergen is not used at the location. Orange symbols indicate that the location offers allergen-free options.

site rencontre sans gluten

You can make sure that the restaurant corresponds to site rencontre sans gluten dietary restrictions. Rate the site rencontre sans gluten and offer your opinion After your enjoyable experience, you will be able to share your pictures, give your opinion and rate how the location accommodated your allergy: - Reception and Service: Did you feel welcomed? Did the staff clearly answer your questions?

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Were they cautious of your allergy? Before I only knew a few. But now I tried many others!

Glut'aime, premier site de rencontre pour les adeptes du sans gluten Mise à jour le 4 mars Publié le 4 mars Ecrit par Juliette P.

I just made a reservation for tonight! Nate, Gluten Hypersensitive I discovered your website a few months ago.

Site de rencontre sans gluten

Thanks to your platform, I can now go back with my family at restaurants and spend time together, without fearing for my daughter! It is a real pleasure! Site rencontre sans gluten, mother of site rencontre sans gluten girl allergic to milk With all your allergen-free shop, I have rediscovered my love for cake! I did not know about all these places!

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Especially a pastry shop, where I try every cake, one by one! Marion, egg-white intolerant Do you know other allergen-free places: bakery, restaurant or shop?

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Become an ambassador by recommending new places! We will be glad to contact them to add them to our community of allergen-free locations. We will verify that they meet all our standards of quality. You can also ask them to submit their establishment on the site directly.

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